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Jon Eborn

Jon Eborn is an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in business, marketing and advertising. He is a compliance consultant to companies and individual who want to ensure they stay in compliance with federal laws that regulate business and commerce. Jon is the founder of One Blue Chair, a boutique ad agency that works with small to medium sized businesses who might not be able to afford a traditional agency, but still want to outsource their workforce and talent work to a seasoned pro. Jon Eborn is also an author, trainer and mentor. He has an advanced degree in metaphysics and philosophy and is the creator of the popular course, Automatic Abundance.

Jon Eborn is a Utah based entrepreneur, author, trainer and motivational speaker who brings over three decades of experience to everything he does. He's faced the ups, and the downs associated with business. He is the owner of multiple dramatic victories and a few monumental failures. But in all the failures he learned to pay attention to what matters most. 

  • Jon Eborn is married, has six amazing children, and spends as much time as possible in the mountains near his home, hiking trails and peaks. He is a singer songwriter, and his album, What Would Love Do, was released in 2010 after one of the most difficult periods of his life. Jon is the first to explain that sometimes, in the midst of tragedy, comes the lessons that mold our character. 

    Jon Eborn consults companies ranging from start ups to Fortune 100 businesses who seek to align their mission with their execution. He often talks and teaches about the 'soul' of a company, and how that soul must be held up and often examined, by those in a position to make a decision. It must be nurtured in the same way an individual seeks to improve him or herself. 

    Jon is often introduced to the audiences that are about to hear him, as 'That Idiot that walked away from a Million Dollar Paycheck'... and it's true. He did. But how that moment came to be is a long and winding story of a man who lost his way, chose some very poor mentors, and eventually lost everything he owned. That lesson, and a few that followed, created a resolve to require excellence in business and in life. And so every day, in every venture, Jon holds himself to a standard that few others will. 

    "Character is revealed when you're up against it", is one of Jon's favorite quotes. He seeks to rise to that challenge every day

Jon Eborn's Background

Jon Eborn's Experience

Founder at One Blue Chair

January 2009 - Present | Salt Lake City, Utah

Jon Eborn is the Founder of One Blue Chair. OBC is a dedicated agency consulting companies on issues involving Human Capital, Culture, Technology, Compliance and Management.

Jon Eborn's Education

University Of Metaphysics

2009 – 2011

Doctor of Philosophy & Metaphysics (Ph.D.)

Bountiful High

University of Utah

Concentration: Business Administration and Management, General

Bountiful High

University of Utah

Jon Eborn's Interests & Activities

Family, Music, Business and Golf... not always in that order.

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